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    You created a First Class  event, and you should benefit from its associated Travel…… At No Cost

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    Custom social media campaign to promote the event and build its online community…..At No Cost  

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    Event WiFi, professional athletes , skills contests, national coverage, and free Wi-Fi are just a few of the things that we do to help make events stand out.

GoAthlete ... Taking YOU to the Competition

Welcome to GoAthlete. We are a specialized event services company for sporting events & venues around the World.

We provide Sports Travel services designed to increase event profits through innovative lodging and travel solutions at no cost to the event.

We develop custom Social Media campaigns to build the online community, increase brand recognition, and reach a broader audience of potential athletes – at no cost to the event.

We offer custom Event Solutions to make the event STAND OUT from the ever growing competition, improve the overall event experience, attract additional sponsors, and assist with other event goals.

Event Directors! We are currently booking events for 2014 & 2015. Drops us a line today and experience the GoAthlete difference.

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Sports Travel

GoAthlete is leading the way in Sports Travel by providing the most innovative and quality travel opportunities available.   We provide  first class team travel management, develop custom hotel & travel booking solutions for each event’s website, and provide 24/7 customer service.      

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Social Media

Social Media media is where the eyes are, so give them something good to look at.  Our social media experts are amazing, and they’ll work hard to educate and empower event staff, develop customized social media strategies, build your online community, and strengthen brand recognition.  In many cases we provide these services complimentary.  Interested?

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Event Services

With events often competing for the same participants within the same time window, the event that has the most to offer wins..  Along with our Travel and Social Media, we offer a menu of  innovative and custom “Value Added” services developed to further improve the event experience – increasing its value to participants and sponsors. […]

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Meet the Team

GoAthlete is a team of athletes, coaches, event directors, and social media gurus with a shared passion for travel and sports.  We created GoAthlete to provide event participants with a better overall travel and event experience, as well as provide event directors with some powerful to help grow the event into the future.